Jul 16 2007


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belgiumboysHelena Kubicka De Braganca.jpg
foto: Helena Kubicka De Bragança

Folheio o portfolio de Helena Kubicka De Bragança.
Para desfrutar. As imagens e o som.

emanuella4Helena Kubicka De Braganca.jpg
foto: Helena Kubicka De Bragança

Para ver (e escutar) aqui.

Helena Kubicka De Braganca was born in London in October of 1978. Descending from Polish and Portuguese parents, Helena has been greatly influenced by her diverse background. At an early age she moved to the United States and has lived primarily in and around New York City. After traveling throughout Europe and living in Spain for a year, Helena graduated from Rutgers University in 2002 with honors receiving degrees in Spanish Literature, French Literature and Photography. She has spent the last few years working on various photographic projects and taking courses and workshops at the International Center of Photography in New York and the Tuscany Photography Workshops. Amongst others, Helena has been taught by Martha Rosler, Antonin Kratochvil, Robert Farber, Andreas Bitesnich, and Arno Minkkinen. Helena is currently living in New York City and working as a free-lance photographer. She will be exhibiting her dark nude series at the Photo San Francisco in July 2004 represented by Modernbook gallery.


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