Jun 27 2006


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A Praça inicia amanhã uma nova rubrica: “O MUNDIAL DELAS”.
A visão da bancada feminina sobre o WM2006.
Textos e imagens. Para nos ajudarem a compreender o futebol. À escala mundial, pois claro!
E enquanto houver disposição e tempo para isso.

Frank Lampard
foto: soccergirlz


11 Resposta a “NOVA RUBRICA”

  1. Daniela da Silva Rodrigues diz:

    Oi, all good? I am of Brazil that penalty people nao sees né? tchau

  2. Sebastiana diz:

    hai, frank how are you ? i hope you come to indonesia. thank you.

  3. Sebastiana diz:

    hai, frank how are you ? i hope you come to indonesia. thank you.

  4. liliana diz:

    Hello… I love you…
    I like the way you play footbal…
    I would like very much to meet you and be with you….
    Big Kiss…

  5. riko diz:

    hai, frank how are you ? u very-very handsome..

  6. Maria diz:

    Hi Frank

    you are one of the hottest guys that plays for chelsea. On sunday you guys have a game against Arsenal. You guys will win against Arensal . You are my football hero along with John Terry. Good luck on sunday!!! Kiss kiss!! from your number one football fan

  7. fisel anggela diz:

    hi lampard.youre baby(luna)if im not wrong ,so sweet.i love you very much like youre wife,maybe….i want ti meet you,but i dont know the time ican meet you.coz im in indonesia n you in england.i just want you to know i love when you play football,n when u personality. i like you since im 10 years old.know you are my brother in my mind,ya just like brother.not like a love in my little heart…..,bye …100000 love kiss just for you…..

  8. fisel anggela diz:

    always show a good football player lampard, i love you……, big kissss

  9. Anónimo diz:

    did u have sex

  10. Anónimo diz:

    you are the best

  11. ana diz:

    I’m from Croatia and I just wanted to say that Frankie is too good and too hot for that ugly and stupid girlfriend of his who probably doesn’t know anything about football and she is wih him just for money.She is just a gold digger!!!I hope he isn’t with her anymore because I read somewhwere that they broke up.
    Frankie,you are the best!Kisses from Zagreb,Croatia!

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